In The Era Of King Salman: A Women’s Empowerment Conference As Part Of Saudi’s Vision 2030

Despite there being 8 more years to go, Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is already in sight. With preparations and a multitude of plans Saudi Arabia is not stopping and women’s rise is on track!

The kingdom will hold a three-day conference on November the 23rd to highlight the efforts, projects, and initiatives taken by the Saudi government to empower women. All to revise Saudi women’s roles in society and development.

The conference is titled ‘Empowering Women and Their Developmental Role in the Era of King Salman.’ It’s going to be held at the Imam Mohammed bin Saud Islamic University and there will be sixty participants, each representing either governmental or private sectors. There will be a discussion of how to support women in many fields, the role that the media plays in promoting women’s empowerment and how to highlight their efforts in the development of society.

The examination of reforms have definitely given more meaning to a woman’s role in society, helped them to achieve their goals, and thus the Saudi Vision 2030. With the support of Princess Fahda bin Falah Al-Hithlain, the conference will shed light on how the legislative reforms reformed women’s roles!

So many women and families have been offered Saudi Arabian citizenship, and the effect that has had on society and education is huge. Women now participate more in education and training, and that step forward will be discussed at the conference. Dr Nouf Al-Ajmi considers women’s involvement in society an investment. An investment that will pay off as they achieve sustainable development.

Women in leadership positions

Additionally, a plan of Vision 2030 is to increase the number of women in leadership positions. They need to contribute to decision-making and have equal opportunities with men in education, work, and training.

The deputy rector of Saud Islamic University for Female Student Affairs and chairwoman of the conference’s organizing committee, Dr Nouf states, “That there has been a huge surge in the number of women in leadership positions in Saudi Arabia in many sectors as well. Not only did they get the positions, but they also proved themselves to be effective.”

Moreover, the university has seen a huge leap forward when it comes to women’s empowerment. Now, 120 academies have new leadership positions. Their participation in strategic planning and taking part in university committees is essential now. Not only that, there are new training programs for female students, and new specializations in media, pharmacy, and medicine. Postgraduate programs weren’t forgotten or anything. There are 47 new programs available at the university and many scholarships given to female students.

If you think Saudi Arabia is stopping anytime soon, keep on wishing, because this is only the start! You can check out the conference updates after the set date.

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