Saudi National Day: Celebrating 91 Years Of The Kingdom’s Flourishing Success

Saudi Arabia is celebrating its 91st Saudi National Day, today, on the 23rd of September. On this very day, 91 years ago, the kingdoms of Nejd and Hejaz were united by King Abdul Aziz Al Saud in 1932. Since then, Saudi Arabia has been a major geographical player with its ambitious plans for the future. Saudi is set to be a formidable and inspiring success story of cultural preservation and nation-building.

“It’s a home to us,” on Saudi National Day, Saudis celebrate by recalling their heritage, history and sense of pride. Already in the past couple of years, major changes have taken place in the kingdom. Such shake-ups were to deter corruption, alter some negative habits and lifestyle choices, and reverse the many years in which Saudi women were pushed to the sidelines.

Saudi Vision 2030 is the strategic framework placed by Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman that focuses on developing public sectors and Saudi’s social fabric. By beginning with highlighting women’s roles in society and leadership and taking up cultural preservation and revitalizing heritage. Saudi is opening its heart to the world, in an effort to create understanding and tolerance as well as an appreciation for the beautiful.

We celebrate with all Saudis on their day of union and wish them all the prosperity in the world.

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