Dania Akeel Proves the Fast Lane has no Gender

As Saudi women take the lead, Dania Akeel is trailblazing a new exciting path. Akeel is a Saudi speed biker spearheading the tides of change in the Kingdom.

Having earned their right to drive a couple of years ago, Saudi women are now taking the bull by its horns. Akeel is hot on the heels of her historic win as a speed racer at the World Cup for the T3 Desert Baja Rally in Italy, becoming the first Arab woman to win such a title.

She first mastered how to drive while studying in the UK and took up off-road rallying. While pursuing her master’s degree, driving was on her mind, which helped her later on as a means of figuring out how to secure sponsors.

Dania Akeel will be the first female Saudi athlete to participate in the highly reputable Dakar Rally in 2022. Being self-taught and not having professional training, Akeel learned her skills and continues to refine them by observing different experts on track.

What Akeel hopes to bring to the scene in Saudi Arabia is “unlimited” support to Saudi women. Furthermore, her eclectic experiences from academia to the world of sports make her one of the brightest examples of inspiring, smart, and driven women. Akeel is an inspiration to many young women growing up, and we wish her the utmost best in her career.

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