The Flowerman Festival: A Window to Saudi Arabia’s Blooming Heritage

The Asir region in southwestern Saudi Arabia is home to the cultural festivities of the Flowerman Festival. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, this colorful, floral, and bright festival celebrates the heritage of the Asir region and tribe. The festival is themed, and the first one ever held in 2019 had the theme of the local roses.

Perfectly preserved and hidden, the Asir region is a sight of rich cultural tradition as manifested in the Flowerman Festival. As an expression of celebration, the young and the elderly don garlands join hands, and dance in joviality. This second edition of the festival has all sights of celebration. From live entertainment and music, to horseback riding and showcasing local crafts made by the Asir village people.

Always focusing on nature and being in harmony with it, the Asir region is in the process of becoming a UNESCO heritage site. Additionally, the festival is themed around three main areas of focus. The first is highlighting the local people’s “Rijal Almaa” determination and resilience in defending their land through dance and singing.
The second feature has women as its focus, showcasing the pivotal roles they play in maintaining the region. The third attraction is the “Rijal Fort,” which highlights the local architecture and includes a laser light show.

The festival is set to be an annual occurrence and a major tourist attraction for Saudi Arabia. This year’s festival takes place from the 13th to the 27th of September. Excited to see it?

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