From Robo-bands to a 4D Exhibition, Here’s What to Expect at the Expo 2020 Dubai!

Expo 2020 Dubai is finally here after the long wait. The list of attractions that the Expo boasts is just too phenomenal to comprehend. With participation from over 190 countries, to say that visitors will be wowed is an understatement. Most certainly, your eyes will always find something to wander to, and there will be plenty of revolutionary projects to discuss, marvel at, and wonder about.

Here are a few things you cannot miss at Expo 2020 Dubai filed under categories!

Arts and Culture

The Expo features numerous installations, workshops, and shows.

Most notably, Al Wasl opera will be inaugurated to share with the world some mind-bending symphonies.

Among the exhibitions is “The Story of Water” by Sabeel Fountains, which is a series of fountains designed by regional visionaries to bring back the age-old tradition of providing travelers with water.


The Expo makes it easier for extraordinary people to meet. At Expo Live Pavillion, the place is filled to the brim with innovators.

More impressively, at DP World Pavillion, you’ll get to take the first look at the world’s fastest transportation system, Cargospeed, powered by hyperloop technology.

Club 2020 by Emaar is a 9-floor impressive hub made for networking, lounging, and simple pleasures.

The Good Place by Expo Live Pavilion is overflowing with extraordinary people giving mind-bending live performances.

Theme Weeks

If you are passionate and want to immerse yourself in spaces, conversations, and interactions that feed your enthusiasm, themed weeks at the Dubai 2020 Expo are for you.

The weeks include Climate and Biodiversity, Space, Urban & Rural Development, Tolerance and Inclusivity, and many more.

Innovation and Technology

Terra, the sustainability pavilion, is straight out of science-fiction. With countries holding their own Pavillions in the simulation of their native lands’ environment, you can walk through a waterfall in the Brazil pavilion, or enter a rainforest through the Singapore pavilion.


Perhaps the most impressive feat of the Expo is its design and architecture. Starting from the idea of having pavilions themselves and the exorbitant design of the Expo.

The UAE pavilion is falcon-shaped, paying tribute to Arab tradition, and the architectural marvel is a sight to be seen.

Al Wasl Dome is almost a wide as two Airbus A380 planes wingspans. Additionally, it is the world’s biggest 360-projection surface made from special trellis and materials.

The rotating observation tower, The Garden In The Sky, offers a bird’s eye view over the entirety of the Expo so you could marvel at this gigantic feat of accomplishment.


The Beethoven-inspired robo-band as regulated by the German pavilion is just as impressive as it sounds. Marvel as a band of robots bring Beethoven to life.

Al Wasl Plaza is where the light takes on its own form with immersive light shows that transcend you completely out of your own body.

Food and Livelihoods

At the Sustainability Hub, drown yourself in plant-based foods and alternatives. Explore the industry and magic behind it with endless food varieties from pizzas to kebabs and everything in between.

Robots seem to take over at the Expo. At Talabat Kitchen, watch robots provide a one-of-a-kind culinary experience at cloud kitchens.

Alkebulan, the African food hall, is where you must drop by for a flavorful experience from mother Africa.

Education Programs

Normal pinball? How about Forest Pinball? This one-of-a-kind experience showcases the consequences the planet faces from climate change. You play against ‘Gnasher,’ a monster that represents greed and consumption.

Comoros Pavilion brings the ocean to your doorstep with a twist. Get the chance to play with humpback whales and rare turtles, all made from recycled plastic on a gigantic scale!

Ever heard of a 4D exhibition? At the Belarus Pavilion, witness this out-of-this-world exhibit made by a bioprinter that reproduced live cells using 4D printing technology.

The unique conceptualization of the Expo and how countries have their own designated pavilions is brilliant. You could pay a visit to your country’s own pavilion, and see what some of your people’s best minds have to offer!

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