Expo 2020 Hosted 9.5 Million Visitors & Four Successful Arab Pavillions

Hoarding visitors from all around the world, Expo 2020 has been breaking records! Expo 2022 Dubai is actually six months long, and over the period of three months, it had more than 9.5 million visitors. It’s not really news that Expo 2020 reached that number as the number has been growing all along. However, the fact that four Middle Eastern pavilions were on the list of top pavilions may come as news!

With more than two months to go, the Expo has had specifically 9,529,710 people paying it a visit in 102 days —as of today Jan. 11. Who knows what the number would be by March 31? It’s expected to get real high, especially since there is a season pass finale that offers unlimited access to the event for the remaining time. Moreover, the Expo has had around 60 million online visitors.

Among 200 international and Middle Eastern pavilions, there are three main types of pavilions. Firstly, there’s the Mobility Pavilion, which focuses on digital connectivity, travel exploration, logistics and discusses connections and human progress. Secondly, there’s the Sustainability Pavilion, which explores the balance in the world and how to ensure a sustainable future. Thirdly, there’s the Opportunity Pavilion and its focal point is unlocking people’s and communities’ potential for a bright tomorrow.

Each country has one pavilion and it’s either a Mobility Pavilion, Sustainability, or Opportunity. Of course, some are more attractive than others. The Middle East entered the list of best Mobility Pavillion with one pavilion, and to the best Opportunity Pavilion with three!

United Arab Emirates

UAE comes in first as the best Opportunity Pavilion. It exhibits the culture and Emirati accomplishments. Visitors can know more about the UAE and its local and global plans.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia comes in seventh in the Opportunity Pavilion. That’s just one of three world records for the Saudi Arabia pavilion. Attendees can witness the Saudi journey, from the past to the future, across four pillars.


In the ninth position of the Opportunity Pavilion comes Bahrain. The country shares its story of opportunities and development. It’s a small country that managed to be innovative and an entrepreneur, so it shares with all visitors its history through the Bahrain pavilion.


Oman came in the fourth position of the Mobility Pavilion top nine pavilions. The country showcases a modern approach to Islamic and Omani architecture, with five divided zones with different themes.

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