Saudi Arabia Dazzles us Again With World’s First Camel Hotel

Saudi Arabia never ceases to amaze us with its innovative and ground-breaking concepts that break world records. The country is able to build something so exquisite because of their distinct and imaginative ways in the hotel industry through various forms of designs and unique architecture, leading to be unsurprising when the Kingdom unveiled its new project. A project that bridges the gap between tradition and contemporary with an elegant approach, thanks to its boundless ingenuity. The new hotel, Tatman is an homage to Saudi Arabia’s love of camels, while modernity stems from the country’s ability to build dazzling hotels. As a result, the kingdom is able to develop a hotel to house camels and provide a comfortable space for them.

Therefore, Saudi Arabia has officially opened the world’s first hotel dedicated to serving and comforting camels. The hotel, called Tatman (or rest assured), has 120 rooms and offers all services to camels.

Spokesman for the Saudi Camel Club, Mohammed Al Harbi stated:

Everything is accessible, from cleaning rooms to warm air-conditioning, in this hotel, which is the first of its kind in the world, but in a fresh and new design.

Mohammed Al Harbi via Gulf News

This hotel employs more than 50 individuals who are divided between room service, care, attention, and security. In addition, the Tatman hotel provides five-star services, which include preparing meals for camels, maintaining the appearance of the hotel, offering hot milk, and ensuring that the rooms are clean and warm. Also, payment is usually made each night, which costs around SR400, and checkout is around 12.30 pm.

Apart from the fact that camels are popular animals and intimately associated with Saudi heritage, another reason why they are so essential to the Saudi community is that the Kingdom is now hosting the sixth edition of King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, an annual event and the largest of its kind in the world. This festival kicked off on December 1, 2021, and will be ending by January 12, 2022.

Along with the opening of this new facility, Saudi Arabia has made achievements in broadening the sports landscape by allowing women to participate in a variety of sports. Without a doubt, this is a massive step that will empower women across the kingdom and transcend all gender preconceptions that have plagued our Middle Eastern communities. Even better, for the first time, thirty-three female camel owners have been given permission to enter their camels in a beauty contest!

Saudi Arabia has made a fantastic gesture by setting an example for the rest of the world in how to treat animals. This hotel depicts the importance of camels in Saudi society and how comfort is necessary not only for humans but also for animals. Saudi Arabia is making a statement of elegance and legacy coupled in a lovely aesthetic approach with the launch of the Tatman hotel, highlighting the steps that they will do for their favorite animals.

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