Viral Visual: Sudanese Reporter Naps During Live TV Interview

Have you ever been so tired and overworked that you fall asleep at work? Well, this man just went viral and is all of us during a Monday 8 AM meeting. A hilarious video is spreading like a vicious virus all over the Internet of Al-Sudan Al-Youm’s Editor-in-Chief falling asleep on live television.

Earlier last month, Sudan President, Omar Al-Bashir, declared a national emergency for one year. During an interview with Al-Hadath TV about the ongoing protests in Sudan, the TV reporter introduced her guest, Malek Taha, and started greeting him but Malek went completely silent. With eyes peacefully closed, the guest fell asleep while on air in seconds.

Watch the hilarious video below:



WE SAID THIS: This is just perfect. If only I could sleep that fast anywhere at any time, I would say my life would improve by 80%.