The Long-Awaited Mohamed Ramadan Concert Is Finally Happening This Month!

Via Bawaba

Unlike most (if not all) my colleagues at Scoop Empire, I’m a huge fan of El Ostoora, Mohamed Ramadan! Not as an actor, but as a musician. In a very short period of time, his songs garnered hundreds of millions of views; making his YouTube Channel surpass one billion views! His huge fanbase across the country was always looking forward to when the Number One Superstar releases enough songs for “Akwa 7afla Fe Masr”, and he finally did!

Via Facebook

Yes, you read that right, Egyptian Superstar Mohamed Ramadan is throwing his first ever concert this month on the 29th of March! The concert will take place at El Manara, the venue that recently hosted Sharmoofers’ Album Launch Concert. On the 18th of February, Mohamed Ramadan asked his fans if they want a concert, and he received thousands of comments and likes from hardcore Ostoora fans!

Although I’m super excited for the concert like the rest of Ramadan’s Ultras, I’m questioning how much time it’ll take him to finish his very limited number of songs! Since Akwa Kart Fe Masr, Ramadan has released Number One, El Malek, and most recently Mafia, and he’s teasing for a couple more songs before the concert.

WE SAID THIS: We’re looking forward to seeing all of you at Nady El Melouk!