Video: Algerian Fans Break Glass Gates at Cairo International Airport

Following Algeria’s grand victory at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, Algerian fans found themselves in a less than fortunate situation hours later. According to a statement from the Algerian cabinet of ministers, 28 aircrafts transported 4800 fans to Cairo last week to attend the final match. However, thousands of football fans found themselves stuck at Cairo international Airport due to an insufficient number of delayed flights.

Soon Algerians lost their temper and started rioting. Videos started circulating on social media of fans sleeping on the airport’s floors while others broke the glass gates and flower vases and threw water bottles at security forces.

عاجل جمهور الجزائر يكسر مطار القاهرة مصر

جمهور الجزائر يكسر مطار القاهرة مصرألشعب ألعضيم !

Posted by Mourad Atmimou on Sunday, July 21, 2019

According to Egypt Independent, Cairo Airport authorities contacted the Algerian Airlines head office in Cairo and intstructed them to find seats for the travelling supporters or to provide nearby hotel rooms as required by aviation laws.

Air Algerie announced on its official website that great efforts are being taken by the company to return the stranded individuals and families to their country.

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