Unveiling Feteer Destinations Along The North Coast

What’s better than getting out of a refreshing dip followed by digging into a good old-fashioned oriental pie (feteer)? So to satisfy those Sahel cravings, we’ve compiled a list of the top oriental pie places around the North Coast.


Feteera offers meshaltet, stuffed along with sweet pies with the best ingredients to enhance the dough flavor. They are open in Hacienda Bay and Telal.  


Samiha is open in Stella and Seashell where it has a relaxing seating area to enjoy your meal fresh out of the oven. It has a wide selection and is mostly known for its pastrami pie.

Dina Farms

Dina Farms is open in Diplo where you can actually watch the chef cook your meal through the open kitchen; getting you even more excited about your food before digging in.


Zizenia opens in Marina offering you the traditional pies we all grow up to love without any extravagant extras. Just the old basic pie. Don’t miss out on the sweet ones as they’re just as good. 

Mido Market

Mido Market is one of North Coast’s trademarks that you definitely can’t miss out on. With the same nostalgic taste as Zizenia. You can find it at Marina 4.

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