5 Sahel Food Trucks To Look Out For This Summer

Food “on the go” has always been a part of our lives as Egyptians; from the guy who used to sell sweet potatoes on his cart, to that old man who called out “FOOOUUUAAAAAL!” Every morning waking you from a deep slumber. All that changed as time went by, food carts became food trucks, and instead of going down your street, the truck gets parked in a certain spot, and you go to it. The dishes themselves became more complicated, no longer are we getting bags of runny foul, we’re getting burgers, shawarmas, and baked potatoes with all the trimmings. While they mostly started in Cairo, they’ve been making a lot of buzz on Sahel’s North Coast. But are they sustainable? Are they a good way to get into the Food and Beverage (F&B) business? And do they evolve into something bigger?

Asking experts in the field to get a better perspective, I found that the reason you see many of them is thanks to food trucks being very convenient options for business owners. A person with money can startup a new food truck and try his luck in the F&B business without risking a lot with regards to investment, they can also leave the whole thing behind if they want and liquidate.

“Due to food trucks not being restricted to location they can be quite sustainable. Especially with seasonal changes, where you can move the truck to a better locale to benefit more, providing a service for the people there.” 

Hussein Hilal, Owner of Holy Buns food trucks.

Hilal also explained that it’s a great way to get bigger in the industry as an entrepreneur, as a newcomer can start their own brand as a food truck that if it does well, they can turn into a bigger brand with a dine-in venue.

On the consumer’s end of things, they also reap some rewards; as the more food trucks the more options they’ll have to choose from, they can also be assured that they’ll get their delicious food quick as trucks will compete to deliver the better product.

That said, I decided to take a look at some of the food trucks that are bringing their “A” game this summer for you to check out.

Holy Buns

Hilal’s Holy Buns are also going to be in Sahel this summer including one in Diplo while the other will be in Hacienda White. Holy Buns specialize in Angus beef smashed burger in potato buns, as well as hotdogs, and loaded fries.

They like to keep it simple, and you can’t go wrong with that as to many complex items and weird concoctions can lead to customer turn-off.


An example of how food trucks can evolve into something bigger, BRGR started out as a food truck, which still exists to this day, but they’ve also opened pop-ups and dine-in restaurants in both Sahel and Cairo.

Obviously from their name, they’re experts in burgers and specifically smashed burgers but they do have other selections including Chicken sandwiches and sweet pancakes. Check them out in Diplo, Marassi, and Almaza Bay.


Tacosan has always amazed, thanks to their impressive fusion of Mexican and Japanese cuisines creating dishes like sushi burritos and delicious pokes, they’re currently still prepping for their summer launch, but they told us they’re opening at the beginning of the month at all of their usual spots, so check them out in Diplo and Hacienda White if you’re looking for something new.

Their contact number is 01000104647 for deliveries in Diplo and 01000104641 for deliveries in Hacienda White

Il Pescatore

A seafood icon on wheels, Il Pescatore is back this summer, and we can’t wait to get our hands on their delicious sandwiches, especially their juicy Il Pescatore Shrimp Roll. You’ll find their trucks in Telal, Swanlake, and Mountain View. You can also call them on 01101717530 for deliveries.


Laffa has been a staple when it comes to making shawarma-esque sandwiches or “laffas” as they call it, on the go; they didn’t stop there, adding fries with sides and bowls for a more robust menu. While they are coming to Sahel this year, they haven’t announced where yet, so keep an eye on their page! For reservations or more information, you can call them on 01220855755.

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