Round up of the Michelin Star Revelation 2022

Just like the Oscars is the award season that highlights filmmakers, the Michelin awards are the time for food makers all around to be highlighted for their delicious efforts. Today in Dubai, the Michelin Guide Star Award Ceremony took place which celebrated Dubai-based restaurants ranging in flavor and diversity. A prestigious award that only makes a chef want to continue cooking even more and sous-chef grow so they can be one day be recognized on that level; now we provide you with a glimpse into what these restaurants offer.

Made the Michelin Guide:

Al Mandaloun

Lebanese restaurant, Al Mandaloun, offers an authentic Lebanese experience in the heart of Dubai. Known for its famous shawermas and salad-like tabouleh, Al Mandaloun provides an unmatched experience for its customers that makes them stand out in the sea of Lebanese destinations available in Dubai.

Al Fanar

Sometimes you just need a taste of home, nothing too wild; an Emirati restaurant, Al Fanar does just that. Catering to your heart and soul with their boneless slices of meat and samboosa, or is it samboosak? Al Fanar provides a great avenue of comfort and ease for people who are looking for a little slice of home through food and for that it has made the Michelin Guide.


Why go to Mexico or El Salvador when you can go to Amazónico? Amazónico is a Latin American restaurant that made its way into the Michelin Guide and into people’s hearts. Amazónico serves an explosion of flavor; perfect for a group outing as the menu ranges from steak to sushi and a host of other delectable proteins. Making a statement with their variety and their even better atmosphere, Amazónico is a winning combination of food and well… an amazon.


Dubai’s first and only all-vegetarian restaurant, Avatāra, provides a delicious, inclusive experience for foodies. Their cusinie hosts a variety of plates that aim to cater to all people. Having opened just three months ago, it has already been recognized in the Michelin Guide for its colorful food and refreshing flavor; a true testament to eating with your eyes before digging in.

Bombay Bungalow

Indian-inspired restaurant, Bombay Bungalow is every Asian lover’s dream. flavor; starting from the samoosa to the biryani, Bombay Bungalow is oozing with spice that makes anyone who doesn’t dare go for Indian food venture to Bombay Bungalow. This restaurant found its way onto the Michelin guide for its punching flavors that are kickers and will have you coming back for more.

One Michelin Star:

11 Woodfire

11 Woodfire; an immersive woodfire experience. Combining woodfire and Japanese steakhouse provides the ultimate juicy steak for its guests. Everything that can be thrown into a wood firing oven is available; from burgers to steaks to skewers, the 11 Woodfire hosts a wide array of protein that only vegetarians will look down upon. Collecting a one-star Michelin star for their carnivore haven, the restaurant is like no other.

Two Michelin Star:

Il Ristorante

Italian restaurant, II Ristorante, has managed to capture not one but two Michelin stars for their cuisine. Serving a diverse selection of pastas and antipastos for every mood, Ill Ristorante is perfect for families as it has something for everyone and for that reason it is the perfect locale.

Stay by Yannick Alleno

Under the mantra, elevated French cuisine, Stay by Yannick Alleno has garnered two Michelin stars for its classic and clean taste that has people coming for bite after bite. From their seafood dishes to their roasted veal, the restaurant houses a variety of speciality meals that can only be found at their place.

Michelin Green Star:


Recognized for the Michelin Green Star is Lowe, an experimental and eclectic restaurant that aims to be a constant source of homegrown effort. Celebrating the rustic experience and the environment, Lowe is a place that is constantly offering its guests the experience of food that is flavorsome, earthy and lively; such as their spinach tagliatelle, leek carbonara, hazelnuts and smoked parmesan, a new and creative spin on a pasta. Definitely makes them worth a try.

Sommerier Award:


Not only received a one Michelin Star but was also the recipient of the Sommerier Award, Ossiano restaurant is an ocean of flavors. Created for seafood lovers out there, Ossiano provides an environment that is deep-rooted in rich sulfur. It’s hard to miss out on this explosion of flavors if you are an avid fish eater.

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