Unlocking Our Arab Mothers’ Language, One Tahzee’a At A Time!

In the Middle East, Arab moms are celebrated every day. They’re the backbones of our society and a huge part of our lives. The best thing about them is that we know them so well. We understand them so well that we know what they’re going to say before they even say it. Talking to your Arab mom, you know exactly what kind of conversation you’re going in for. However, it’s not just your mom that you can predict, all Arab moms have some common lingo they use almost every day. Here are eight things Arab moms say!

Let’s play the quiet game!

As a child, you’re often filled with energy and have things to say and do. When your mom wants to shut you up, she tricks you into thinking you’re playing a game with her. A game where both of you don’t talk and whoever talks first is crowned the loser. Aside from getting some quiet time, she teaches you self-control.

When you have children of your own, I hope they’re just like you.

When your mom is fed up with you, and all your arguing and annoying habits, she says this curse. Sick of dealing with you, she wishes you would suffer the same way she does, by having to deal with children that are just as annoying as you.

If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?

More often than not, as teens, we want to participate in group activities and go out with our friends. When your mom doesn’t approve, she always uses this question to test your logic. Arab moms ask this question when you ask them for a new phone because your friend got one. It’s such a classic question.

Don’t make me tell you again!

That is a warning Arab moms give that can put the fear of God in you. As a child, you could be too busy playing and wasting your time. But when your mom asks you to do something or calls you, you have to respond. If you didn’t, you probably know what comes after this warning.

As long as you live in my house, you live by my rules.

Every now and then when you forget yourself and think you can make up the rules, your mom will definitely remind you who’s the boss. You come home before curfew, you eat at the dinner table, and you clean your room when asked to.

You’ll understand when you’re older.

Sometimes your mom advises you or asks you to do something and it just doesn’t click with you. Her other advice would be to just listen to her because she knows better and you’ll get it later. So for now, just listen to her.

I used to wipe your butt.

Whenever you think you’re slick, or try to tell your mom what to do, she will make sure you remember that she is in control and remind you of the time she bathed you and changed your diapers. Stay focused and know your place.

What if I come in there and find it?

This question is legendary and universal. It’s your Arab mom’s answer for when you lose something and ask her about it. First, she will tell you exactly where it is, and of course, you will not find it. Yet, when she comes looking for it, you know she will find it. They just know everything!

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