The Ultimate Guide to Food Trucks and Carts in Cairo

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Food trucks and carts are popping up everywhere on the streets of Cairo, and they’re getting more complex and creative with every new one. No matter where you go, you’ll be able to find a variety of food trucks that’ll cater to a wide audience. If you are in this industry or are considering starting a business, it may help you out to check out sites like to find a way of keeping track of the vehicles that you’ll have on the road, going from state to state on the food truck journey. Plus, you’ll be in control wherever they go. The more you know, the better.


There are several perks that make eating from a food truck or cart more appealing; they’re quick and hassle-free, you get to see your food while having it cooked in front of you, and they usually deliver the food inside your car.


What you’re about to witness is a comprehensive guide to the best food on wheels you need to try in Cairo.



Shock’s Burgers


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Shock’s Burgers is hands down on the top of the list, and it totally deserves it. I’ve tried it around a month ago after I read Dina Hashish’s review on it, and I’ve instantly become addicted ever since. Their food is cheesy, tastes amazing, huge portions and is reasonably priced. Also, their cart is very Instagrammable.

Location: New Cairo



My Queen


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My Queen is basically a classic! I remember going there as a child with my older family members, and it wasn’t even new back then. Their menu is so diverse, in a way that would satisfy all taste buds. DO NOT miss their grilled viagra sandwich!

Location: Muhandeseen





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Vegabond Trucks has created a buzz in the food trucks scene! You need to try their chicken Cheetos sandwich.

Location: Heliopolis





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Vend, Almaza’s most authentic food bike, is an absolute must try. You’d be surprised from their prices as they don’t match their quality and taste — aka, they’re quite cheap.

Location: Heliopolis





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If you haven’t tried Greek food before, Seecoz is the best place to start. If the picture above doesn’t make you feel things, nothing else will.

Location: New Cairo



Sushi Bike


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Sushi Bike proves that you do not need expensive and luxurious restaurants to eat good sushi! I totally recommend all sushi lovers in Cairo to try out the Sushi Bike experience.

Location: Check their Facebook page to find out.



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