UAE to Send their First Astronaut To International Space Station!

By Febronia Hanna

In an announcement Roscosmos preliminary agreement with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre to send a UAE astronaut on a 10-day mission. The mission will take place in the International space station in April 2019 aboard a Soyuz MS-12 spacecraft.

via NASA

The Emarati astronaut will be the first to go on a space trip from the Middle East. Since the 8th of June, 232 people from 18 countries worldwide have been on the station. 4,000 have applied for the Emarati trip and 95 were shortlisted and the list shall be shorted further until one lucky guy wins.

The UAE space agency was started in 2014 with very ambitious targets like an unmanned mission to Mars and forming a colony there by 2117.

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