Turkish Wonderchef CZN Burak is Now in Dubai; Here Are Some of His Craziest Videos So Far!

On Christmas Day, residents from all over Dubai flocked to Boulevard Point in the Downtown region to attend the opening ceremony of CZN Burak’s latest installment in a series of successful restaurants.

The Turkish celebrity chef and online sensation chose the Emirati port city to be the hub for his business expansion plan. In no time, members of the royal family, celebrities from all over the world, and food enthusiasts visited the restaurant to witness his infamous culinary theatrics and mouth-watering dishes.

Of his style of cooking, Burak said the following: “There are many links between Turkish and Arab cuisine, and each takes elements from the other. I always try to discover new methods and innovative ways to mix these flavours and present them in a modern format that satisfies the lovers of this type of food, while raising the curiosity of foreigners who try it for the first time. This is the unique combination of the food served in my restaurants.”

Burak Özdemir did not fail to meet the expectations and entertained his guests with displays of his cooking prowess. Luckily for us, some of these were documented on video, and we decided to share some of them with you.

The smiling chef rose to internet fame with a series of extravagant videos in which he pulls a myriad of stunts to cook his ginormous meals in a fun, light-hearted way.

With his first international branch becoming an instant hit, CZN Burak aims to leave a mark across the Arab World’s food scene. His future plans include opening new restaurants in Saudi Arbia, Doha, Bahrain, and Kuwai this year; not only that, but the young chef teased the opening of a new burger joint in Dubai as well.

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