When Fashion Meets Purpose; Kojak Addresses Men’s Vulnerability in His Latest Collaboration

Kojak usually keeps us at the edge of our seats with every new collection. And this time, he’s addressing a completely new concept: men’s vulnerability. In a new video with the caption “Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen”, the Egyptian-international fashion designer Mohanad Kojak, gives his audience a teaser of his new collection on two male models by the sea. The collection is a collaboration with Orange Square, which makes high-end custom-made and ready to wear tuxedos, suits, and more.

In the video, the voice-over makes a very strong statement, saying, “making yourself vulnerable, doesn’t make you less of a man”. Many people, especially in Arab societies are brought up to believe that men cannot be vulnerable, and that vulnerability is weakness, and no man can or should be weak. But maybe it’s time to change this false mindset.

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