Tiny Mic, Big Impact: Meet Gaza’s 9-Year-Old Journalist Lama Jamous

Since the start of the genocide, several Palestinian journalists began to be placed in the limelight knowing that they were the ones on-ground, documenting the daily attacks happening in Gaza. Along with the slew of journalists is a very special young 9-year-old girl with a passion for capturing the truth. Lama Abu Jamous has made it her mission to document the dire situation happening in Gaza. Through her very own Instagram account, the young girl has been sharing her experience, taking a different approach to her counterparts by showcasing the perspective of young Palestinians.

A typical post by Jamous showcases the beauty of the youth and people of Gaza like how in one of her videos, she introduces us to a group of young girls she befriended at El Nezouh camp. She takes on the role of the interviewer with her trusty mini mic and goes around getting to know the girls, asking them questions like “What is their favorite game?” Their responses are poignant as they mention how playing with dolls is one of the few ways that makes the ongoing genocide a bit more bearable.

In another special video, she films a group of young boys pushing a cart of water jugs to their family. This showcases the harsh realities of surviving in Gaza and the effort needed just to drink water. Her content is very unique and heartwarming as she even takes the time to interview her fellow journalists including Bisan Ouda and Wael Al Dahdouh. Watching her content is a unique way to experience Gaza, one that places the humanity and perseverance of the Palestinian people at the forefront. We cannot wait to see what else the young journalist will share in the upcoming days.

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