Who Is Shaun King? The Influential Pro-Palestine Advocate Censored On Social Media

Sparking outrage across social media, one of the many voices speaking up for Palestine, American writer and activist Shaun King who was removed from social media. He is known to use social media to promote social justice causes including the Black Lives Matter movement. Throughout the genocide, he dedicated his social media accounts to attacking Israel. His tactic was smart as he posted little to no content on the actual killing of civilians and instead shifted his focus to propaganda videos that showcase how the hostages were treated kindly by Hamas. He also shared videos that deny and belittle the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7.

Along with that, he had an exclusive interview with Roya where he called for the trial of the leaders of Tel Aviv and even labeled Joe Biden as a “war criminal” because of how he supports and funds the Israeli military. His blatant content is vital because as an American, he says what many are afraid to say even if it comes with consequences. His “in your face” content was met with a wave of daily threats yet thankfully he made it clear that he and his family are safe.

The moment King was removed, prominent online advocates spoke up including Khaled Beydoun who dedicated an entire post to call out the ban and say that the “Removal of Shaun King is an attack on everybody speaking up for Gaza.” To Beydoun, this will not be the first removal as he believes Instagram is plotting a series of removals as a tactic to scare others from speaking up.

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