Meet The 4 Young Palestinian Journalists Covering What CNN and BBC Could Not

Since October 7, there have been four names that earned a place in the hearts of Palestinians and those who support the cause. Donned in the signature blue press vest, young Palestinian journalists Motaz Azazia, Plestia Alaqad, Bisan Ouda and Abdulrahman Battah have done what major media outlets couldn’t by sharing what is actually happening on-ground in Gaza. Let’s get to know the real heroes of the Palestinian occupation.

Motaz Azazia

Born and raised in Deir al-Balah Refugee Camp, 24-year-old Gazan photographer, photojournalist and filmmaker made it his mission to offer the world a window into the on-goings of Gaza. From filming himself among the rubble of Gazan attacks to getting his account removed from Instagram, Azazia persisted in reporting the truth even if it constantly put him in the face of danger.

Plestia Alaqad

If you are already a follower of 22-year-old Palestinian journalist Alaqad, then you’ll have noticed the tragic contrast between her simple pre-war life and her current portrayal of the relentless conflict. Along with showcasing the aftermath of the bombings, Alaqad uses her platform to focus on the Palestinian people, showing moments of sheer humanity like how Gazans keep their windows open for neighbors to come in.

Bisan Ouda

Just as with Alaqad and Azazia, the 25-year-old Palestinian journalist Ouda documents everything happening on ground but also gives extensive daily updates of real-time events including the location of bombings and the current death toll.

Abdulrahman Battah

One of the youngest journalists on this list, Battah is only 17 years old but managed to earn 1.9 million followers by reporting on-ground during the Gazan crisis. In his videos, standing in front of a backdrop of toppled buildings and rubbles, he gives first-hand updates on the major bombed sites across Gaza.

By following any of these accounts, you will be able to stay informed and updated in the ongoing crisis.

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