All the Times 2016 Couldn’t Give Egypt a Break

This was a really hard year. Like, really hard. On all of us. No one seemed to catch a breath, or smile for two days in a row because Egypt kept getting slapped in the face time after time. We seriously need this year to end. Here is a painful walk down Egypt’s 2016 lane and its harshest moments.



With a misogynistic and hymen obsessed parliament, we are counting the days till the next election, so we make it right this time 





When a video promoting Egyptian tourism made you lose faith in humanity




When an EgyptAir plane was hijacked because this guy was trying to get back at bae





When Zamalek’s popular spot, Club 33, was completely obliterated by a construction crane




When almost 60% tax increase was rubbed in our faces and there was nothing to do but nag on social media





When Alaa ElSheikh tried the horrible Egyptian version of the very expensive Nutella and we just knew that we are doomed




When news came out that we can’t even afford Nescafe which was our daily savior. Tantrums everywhere! 




When cars doubled their prices and we just couldn’t anymore




Schools and their never ending money thirst. School have officially added 30% increase to their fees


Cairo American College



When Cairo Festival City lied to us and claimed to have a Black Friday. Trust us, it was nothing but a blackout


Maher Hassan



Immediately after Egypt was removed from the US department’s travel warning list, explosions started happening


US Safety Department



When Nubians had to sit-in to protect their land


Ismail Abbas



Losing some of our childhood favorite actors, especially that one man who made us believe in the power of Raafat ElHagan 




When the freakin’ Nile turned brown…like seriously?!!


Medhat Shams



You might think our traffic and education crises were as bad as it gets, now we have a sugar one too. Fun times!




When all we wanted was an iPhone 7, but again…THE ZAHMA




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