This Uplifting Story Might Bring Happy Tears to Your Eyes if You’re an Animal Lover!

Via Adel Absawy

Animals have rights just like every single living organism all around the world. However, in Egypt, this is quite debatable. Yes, animals deserve care and attention, but priority always goes to humans! Or at least, that’s what we thought the majority thinks.

I won’t tell you that humans have the power to fight for their lives and express themselves when animals don’t. In fact, animals do; if they didn’t, there wouldn’t have been something called the ‘wild’. Stray animals run for their lives, they find their everyday food in garbage cans, find shelter under our cars, bark at a passersby out of fear and self-protection, and then we complain.

On the other hand, on the same land, guardian angels seem to exist and they’re even more humane than ever. I just stumbled upon a Facebook post that just couldn’t go unnoticed.

Via Adel Absawy

Facebook user, Adel Absawy, just shared a random story he personally experienced in the Egyptian streets. Last Monday night, Absawy went to El Herafeyeen to buy a spare part for his car from a store called ‘Al Abdelhameed’. As he waited, he overheard a conversation that sparked his interest and couldn’t help but intervene and ask the seller about it. 

Via Facebook

It turned out that a stray cat took refuge in the back of a Sonata car they had and gave birth in it. The people at Al Abdelhameed just wouldn’t sell the scrap half of the car, which was worth EGP 15,000, because they didn’t want to scare the cat away and risk the kittens dying! The owners of the car & store chose to lose the sale of the car and the money as they didn’t want the blood of the kittens and the mother cat on their hands, for what would they tell God when they met him.

“I could barely hold back my tears,” Absawy wrote. “Tell the world that Egypt has modest people who may have had limited education, but have mercy and humanity that could fill the entire universe,” he added.

Via Adel Absawy

The user decided to share the heartwarming story on his Facebook profile to show everyone that humanity still exists, but we don’t necessarily witness it. In return, Egyptians on Facebook showed him, us, and the world that we still have traits like compassion and empathy with their comments on the post.

Translation: “Whoever has mercy on the weak, The Strong Almighty will honor him.”
Translation: “May God compensate them with a better sell and pay them back for the good they’ve done.”
Translation: “Hopefully, God would compensate him.. Please pray for this man! There’s still good in the world! All my greetings and appreciation him.”

WE SAID THIS: Animals are pure souls that deserve our care no matter what! Fight for those who have no voice.

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