These Students Bring Egypt Back to the Top With Second Place Win at Enactus Championship

October 6 University (O6U) won second place in the Championship of Enactus in entrepreneurship after Canada came first. Enactus is the world’s largest experimental learning platform that aims at creating a better world with the help of the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators.

The Egyptian students presented their project explaining that 52% of the worldwide jasmine production used to come from Egypt, which has dropped to 21% in the past four years. The team worked on producing a study to enhance Jasmine production once again in Shubra Baloula village, dubbed Jasmine Village in Egypt.

“At Enactus O6U, our entrepreneurial journey went through three different phases which were aligned with our judging criteria to ensure our project’s effectiveness”, the students described.

فرحة هيستيرية لشباب مصريين من جامعة 6 أكتوبر

فرحة هيستيرية لشباب مصريين من جامعة 6 أكتوبر بعد ما قدروا يفوزوا بالمركز التاني على مستوى العالم في "إيناكتس العالمية" بعد مارجعوا قرية "شبرا بلولة" محافظة الغربية لأكبر مكان بينتج الياسمين في العالم بنسبة 52% بعد ما كان أقل من 21% غير إنهم ضاعفوا دخل الفلاحين بعد ما كان اتخرب بيتهم??#مصر_تستطيع

Posted by dmc TV on Thursday, November 1, 2018

The first phase started in the Jasmine Village, as the competitors conducted a needs assessment with their target audience. They needed to fix the problem from its root, and in order to do so, they had to know the livelihoods people at the village have and what they need to improve it.  Extensive research was carried out for more reliable and accurate data, the assessment included interviews, statistics, business evaluations, and lab tests.

Moving on to the second phase, it included entrepreneurial action and innovative solutions, that was mainly to empower people and improve their lives in all aspects; economically, socially, or environmentally.

Finally, in the third phase, the team analyzed how they enabled the beneficiaries’ progress. This was done by carefully measuring the direct and indirect outcomes, and ensuring everlasting sustainability.

WE SAID THIS: Egypt’s upcoming generation can lead the world if given the chance and support!