SODIC Heads to East Cairo and Leaves Its Print Behind


For more than two decades now, SODIC has been leaving quite a print when it comes to Egypt’s real estate scene. The company behind the award-winning large-scale developments had a huge role in building decent properties around the country, whether housing solutions or retail spaces.

A part of the continuous attempts for the company to excel at what it does best, it has turned into a society in its process of building communities. During this journey, SODIC has launched reputable projects all around the country, most notably in West Cairo, East Cairo, and the North Coast. It’s no surprise for a new member to join the SODIC family; it’s SODIC East we’re talking about.


The project is located between the Cairo-Suez and Cairo-Ismailia roads. It’s directly adjacent to Al Sherouk City and close to the New Administrative Capital. The world-class Eastern destination is working on creating a contemporary atmosphere focusing more on the residents and their lifestyle. Thus, the diverse range of amenities available will be directed toward things like edutainment, sports, camping, and wellness. Seems like catering to people’s needs is SODIC’s number one priority!

So, let’s break this into pieces. What does SODIC East really have to offer? For starters, edutainment is one of SODIC East’s core philosophies that it introduced through its kids’ edutainment center. This area includes an educational valley, a nature experimental park, and a cultural development park and village.

Moving on to sports, this also acts as an integral pillar in the development’s plan. SODIC East introduces a club that features a football field with an Olympic track, courts for tennis, squash, basketball, volleyball, and handball. Not to mention the stables, the well-equipped gym, and the yoga arena, of course. The club will also feature other amenities making it more of a social club and a more family-friendly one. Those are like a daycare center for kids, restaurants, an acting school, and event venues.

Moreover, SODIC East is going to bring the adventure of wilderness into the modern community by introducing the camping culture. The camping area will add more to the edutainment concept as the outdoor activity will prepare Egyptian youth to be more responsible. Not just that, but it will also back their character development.


In addition, the wellness element is infused in every corner of SODIC East. The concept is not limited to spas and medical centers, but it is also integrated into the architecture, utilities, and even means of transportation. There are social nodes to connect to one another in each neighborhood. Every node provides residents with spaces to practice all forms of leisure from yoga and meditation to other outdoor sports and activities.

Last but not least, and most importantly, SODIC East is being built on three main pillars; innovation, connectivity, and efficiency. Innovation in terms of providing residents with innovative housing solutions. In other words, homes that allow you to lead a smart, productive, and creative life. As for connectivity, SODIC East doesn’t just make commuting easier to and from the outer world. It also transportation within the development is thought out to make life easier. Finally, the efficiency aspect hammers again on housing solutions. Not only does each home leave room for the ability to utilize space, but the entire development is built around the same concept. Homes are built with internal gardens that create a natural area of cross ventilation. And I mean, who doesn’t like a garden view?

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