This Is How Hyde Park Developments Is Supporting Farida Osman

Hyde Park Developments is one of Egypt’s most valuable developers that revolutionized the real-estate sector. It has tremendously succeeded in creating and establishing a socially conscious environment. More recently, Hyde Park Developments has launched an exclusive sponsorship and partnership with the young Egyptian swimmer, Farida Osman, to support her in achieving her ambitions at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. 

“We don’t believe in coincidences; we believe in hard work. Hyde Park Developments is proudly supporting Farida Osman’s ultimate journey until she reaches her goals in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020,” they said. Check out the ad below!

This sponsorship is not only regarding financial matters, but it will also give Farida access to more resources she will need to ensure further success. Knowing that she will constantly have the support, care, and attention from her fans as well as Hyde Park, will definitely boost her motivation, and upgrade her confidence to achieve even greater things. 

It’s actually an important part of Hyde Park Developments’ commitment to supporting a well rounded and talented person like Farida! She’s such an amazing and inspiring young lady and athlete that has immensely proved herself in recent times.

The key factors that drove Hyde Park to support Osman are their shared values and vision regarding success, hard work, determination, and most importantly, excellence in what they do. Due to the mutual agreement between both last year, Hyde Park launched a brand as well as a logo just for Farida. The brand solely represents Farida as a versatile individual with a very good educational background. Also, the idea of her balancing both her career and social life is what the brand is aiming to represent. 

The private sector plays a huge role in promoting participation and competition on different levels. And the way companies like Hyde Park support, sponsor, motivate, and encourage athletes is very important. In order to reach the next level, those little details and the smallest of things have the biggest effect on any athlete’s career. Hyde Park Developments’ belief in the importance of sports and supporting young hard-working athletes like Farida to reach their goals is something no one should take for granted. 

Farida’s ultimate goal in her journey to Tokyo 2020 is to inspire other young athletes and to encourage them to follow in her footsteps. Having Hyde Park by her side cheering for her has shown the importance of having such companies being supportive of Egyptian athletes.

As part of this amazing partnership, Hyde Park and Farida announced last year that they are going to actually establish an academy together. It’s where Farida would like to give young athletes or anyone for that matter who’s interested in swimming the chance and support needed to achieve their goals as well.

WE SAID THIS: Empowering young girls is an important core value at Hyde Park Developments, one which they will for sure continue to uphold.