Attention Everyone, McDonald’s Is Offering You the Chance to Travel to Disneyland Paris!

Few brands get a chance to build life-long relationships with their customers. It takes time, energy, and a superb product for the public to connect with a name, but once this happens, it becomes so much more than just a brand.

One noteworthy example of this is McDonald’s, which 25 years ago, renowned for its mouthwatering burgers, came to Egypt for the first time, opening its first branch in Mohandiseen. In a journey laden with success, the popularity of McDonald’s only grew with the people of Cairo, and then it went on to open other branches across the country.

This story is not one about a brand’s success alone, but the many ways in which McDonald’s touched the hearts of the public. Who here can say they did not have an early birthday at any of their branches, nagged their parents endlessly for a Happy Meal, or perhaps, just had some quality time there with friends and loved ones? It’s become a staple of our outdoor life, maybe even a second home for us when we were younger. It’s the same even now for our own children and will continue to be in the future.

Early on, the brand has become associated with family, from the much-awaited Happy Meal toys to the children’s play areas in many of its branches. It’s been there for us through many of the milestones of our childhoods.

McDonald’s realized this edge and quickly built momentum on it, engaging in helping children all over Egypt develop in different fields, including arts and creativity. The brand has put young ones as a priority, investing in a better future for Egypt. This summer, they decided to up their game, giving kids the chance to explore their artistic potential.

The campaign will involve Happy Meals served in white boxes for children to draw on and then submit. The best drawings will be shortlisted and five winners will be picked to travel with one family member to Disneyland Paris in October. The winning drawings will also be featured on future Happy Meal boxes.

The famed actress Ola Roshdy along with a panel of artists will choose the five lucky artists to win the chance to travel with a family member to Paris. Roshdy, who is also the face of the campaign, has always been an advocate for women and children as well as a family icon who inspires mothers with advice and tips to help them thrive and change their lives for the better.

The campaign starts today and the white Happy Meal Boxes will be available at all of McDonald’s branches in Egypt. Participants can submit their drawings to their nearest branch. The competition ends on the 31st of August and the winners will be announced in September.

Also, don’t forget the check out the campaign video on McDonald’s Egypt’s official Facebook page!

الهابي ميل دايمًا بتقدم سعادة والسنة دي السعادة بزيادة

الهابي ميل جزء كبير من حياة أطفالكم دلوقتي جت الفرصة لأولادك يورونا إبداعتهم عشان يكسبوا رحلة ليورو ديزني مع ماكدونالدزإدخل على اللينك ده عشان تعرف الشروط والأحكام*تطبق الشروط والأحكام#٢٥_سنة_فرحة_مع_الهابي_ميل#ارسم_تروح_ديزني

Posted by McDonald's on Thursday, August 1, 2019

So what are you waiting for kids? Hurry up and get drawing!

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