This Is How Arab Students Can Increase Their Work Experience Before Graduating

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With the supply of labor increasing every day, turning every single market out there into a notorious battlefield. Landing a decent job is no longer that easy with that amount of candidates competing over your future employer’s attention. Your best chances rely on how much you’re qualified for the job, and that’s what we’re here for. Here are four things that will make your CV more promising and will definitely help you score a spot on the potential candidate list.


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As obvious as it sounds, but landing a couple of internships is important if you want to gain decent work experience in advance. Sorry to break it to you, but whatever you learn at school is not enough. In fact, it’s nothing close to real life! Most of what you’ll learn during your internships is what will assist you the most in the future. Plus, as you jump from one job to another, you’ll have inside insight and you’ll know what’s for you and what’s not.

Volunteer work

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This is by far one of the most beneficial experiences of all. There are many NGOs; for charity or community service, that you can join that will allow you to acquire a variety of skills. You’ll learn more about logistics, marketing, fundraising, and more. You’ll also acquire more soft skills such as presentation and communication skills as well as things like teamwork, working under pressure, and problem-solving. You’ll basically get a piece of the real professional world while you’re still in university; or even better, high school.


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Add more to your skill sets by increasing your knowledge in fields that you’re interested in. Take a communication skills course, go to a photography workshop, or even learn a new language. You can even find certified online courses; some are even free! There are plenty of options on the market when it comes to online courses, though it is a good idea to research one you’re interested in through Best Course Reviews or similar websites to ensure you’ll be getting something worth your investment, be it time or money or both. Once you’ve decided what it is you want to further your education in, or if you’re struggling for ideas, try checking Coursera or Udemy, and you might something that suits or is of interest to you.


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If your field happens to be one with practical skills, put them on for sale! Whether it’s writing, photography, graphic design, social media marketing, someone out there is looking for someone just like you. This way you’ll be gaining experience, building a portfolio, and making money as a bonus.

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