Secrets Egyptian Gym Trainers Will Never Ever Tell You

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If you’re expecting fitness tips and tricks, this is the wrong article for you. This article is about me getting my Nancy Drew outfit on and asking gym trainers all over Cairo to share their secrets that they’ve always wanted to take off of their chests but never did.

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I hate it when I see people coming here every single day but not actually take gym seriously. You just got on the treadmill and you got off of it five minutes after? Why do those people even bother coming here. – Hesham

I like it when the person I’m training is hot. – Kamal

It boils my blood when people at the gym don’t return things where they got them. PLEASE RETURN THOSE DUMBBELLS! – Deeb

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Having the night shifts are the best. People are usually less and you’re usually free to do whatever you want. I work out during the time I’m supposed to work — so it’s a win win. – Farid

I enjoy taking selfies but I always feel embarrassed when someone at the gym catches me taking them. – Waleed

I once went out with one of the people I trained, it didn’t end well. – Mazen

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Me and the other trainers sometimes bet over who can befriend the hot chick at the gym first. – Asem

I love watching people use machines the wrong way, haha! – Laith

WE SAID THIS: To respect each and every trainer’s privacy, I’ve only put their first names.