This Egyptian Boy Created an Application That Returns Your Lost and Stolen Items

By Salma El Gogary

A Damiettan boy turned his brother’s unfortunate event from two years ago into something positive. After his brother’s phone got stolen, Mohammed Hammed, who is a student at the Faculty of Engineering at Port Said University, devoted a smart phone application called Daye3 to help people find their lost items such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras, and national IDs.

What makes this application different from “Find My Device” is that it doesn’t track your device through the GPS feature, which could be deactivated by anyone. Instead, the best way is to rely on the feature “IMEI”, which sends a code of the device’s coordinates to a specific e-mail account.

During the upcoming period, the application is expected to add many features and services like the possibility of finding stolen professional cameras and lenses.

Egyptian solidarity was very prevalent once the application was created and was available for download on the App Store, it became popular among users, leading it to trend just two days after its launch.

What do you think? Will this application really be the beginning of a new anti-theft era or will thieves find a way to adapt?

WE SAID THIS: Give it a try and download the application from here