This Anti-Muslim Campaign in the UK Backfires in the Most Glorious Way

Via EurActiv

Disturbing hateful letters were being distributed in different neighborhoods in the United Kingdom, calling the third of April “Punish A Muslim Day”! Certain neighborhoods in Bradford, Birmingham, Cardiff, Leicester, London, and Sheffield, known for having Muslim residents, received the anonymous letters stating that people would be awarded points for different acts of violence against Muslims.

Via Rowaida Abdelaziz’s Twitter

The matter is being investigated by the UK police, working with the counter-terrorism unit. In a different manner, with hate and terrorism coming from the minority aggressive far-right, love, colors, and tolerance come from the compassionate majority.

Via Rowaida Abdelaziz’s Twitter

In response to the previous hate-mail, a replica of the abusive letter was issued but, this time, promoting love and acceptance of Muslims. Titled “Love A Muslim Day,” instead of awarding points for violence, it’s awarded points for acts of kindness.

WE SAID THIS: The surge of the radicalism of the far-right is indeed worrying. We hope that the Islamophobia is contained by the Western governments, media, and civil society.