The Truffle Craze Just Hit Egypt, and We’re all Here for it!


After the trend of cheese-on-everything revolutionized how Egyptians cook and eat, a new food trend is taking over and we’re already in love! Egypt is currently experiencing a new trend of truffle craze, and people are finding any product, or dish, that is associated with it way more appealing.

The new shift in the taste of the food scene was met with a huge response from restaurants, especially luxurious ones that offer fine-dining experiences, and food products’ manufacturers. In a similar manner, everyone’s favorite chocolate, Galaxy just introduced two new flavors; one is with Digestive biscuits and the second is with, guess what… Truffle! We can’t wait to delve into our new best-loved product with its new unique fusion.

Indeed food trends immensely influence and shape the market, and it’s amazing how the people, finally, are in control of what the market will focus on. Whether truffle is used for a sweet or savory plate/product; it always manages to win our hearts and pamper our tummies.

WE SAID THIS: Let us know what you think after satisfying your sweet tooth with Galaxy’s new Truffle flavor!