These Vogue-Approved Arab Models Are Ruling International Runways

Via Arab News

By Sarah Alblowi

European beauty standards aren’t cutting it and the fashion world’s craving olive skin, textured hair, and Arabian eyes. With ethnic diversity hitting an all-time high, these beauties are rocking their Arab roots on the runways. With different Fashion weeks are around the corner and here’s who you should be rooting for!

Imman Hammam

Via Imman Hammam

Born in Amsterdam to Egyptian and Moroccan parents, the curly-haired goddess has graced the covers of far too many Vogue covers and brands to count, making her one of the top names when it comes to Arab models.

Nora Attal

Nora definitely has undeniable girl next door Arab features! And while some of us can only dream of owning a Chanel bag, at only 19, the Moroccan-British is actually posing for Chanel, Dior, Prada, Valentino, and endless other luxury fashion houses.

Hanaa Ben Abdesslem

Via Hanaa Ben Abdesslem

Paris, New York, Milan? The established Tunisian model has done it all, with multiple appearances in Vogue. She is also humbly the first Muslim spokesmodel for the French beauty brand, Lancôme.

Gigi and Bella Hadid

Yes, you read that right! Don’t let Gigi’s blonde-golden locks and electric blue eyes fool you! Their father, Mohamed Hadid is Palestinian and the Hadid sisters embrace their Middle-Eastern and Muslim heritage.

Sonia Ben Ammar

Via Sonia Ben Ammar

French girls got nothing on this Arab beauty! Born in the fashion capital, the Tunisian-French, Dolce and Gabana baby is making a name for herself in Paris. From high school to Chanel, Miu Miu to Elle and Vogue, we can’t help but feel a bit jealous!

Rania Benchegra

Moroccan, Muslim, and proud! Discovered while shopping at a mall in Marrakech, to signing contracts for brands at the mall! Posing for Victoria Secret’s Pink, H&M, and Vogue became second nature!

Nesrin Sanad

Via Nesrin Sanad

Purely Egyptian and based in Dubai, Nesrin has got her work cut out for her, posing non-stop for Arab and international brands, including her latest Robert Cavalli campaign.

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