These Female Arab Body Builders Will Show You How to Get Sexy Curves and Glutes

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By Sarah Alblowi

If I hear “Lifting makes you bulky and masculine”, I’ll knock myself out with a 45lbs dumbbell. No, weight training does not make you masculine, if anything, it makes you sexy! I’m tired of infamous juice cleanses, detox teas, waist trainers, and other Insta-famous products to keep a starving size zero.

We’re over the Paris Hilton 2000’s era of peaking hip bones, rib cages, Fad diets, and salads,. Thinner is not better, let’s add mass to our glutes, cinch the waist, and tone up our arms.

Abeer Alshatti

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I see no Limit ..

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Fitness, fashion, and food, my favorite F words. The Kuwaiti beauty shares her heavy workouts between high-fashion posts and generous meal plans. Multitask, ladies!


Think weightlifting will make you “bulky”? Think Again! The Saudi bombshell proves strong is sexy in her beautiful curvy body. Born and raised in the UK, Hana aids in helping women through fitness and health by posting unique routines.

Looking Fab, as usual, breaking the stigma of women weight lifting. Don’t miss a post on Instagram here.

Heba Ali

A beast! Don’t let her pretty face fool you, Heba can wall sit 900lbs; stronger than most men I know! The Jordanian-American CEO of Evolve Nation is a real-life wonder woman. Watch her extreme videos here.

Maya Nassar

Maya is breaking the internet with her amazing physique! The mom of 2 proves to all you mommies reading this, that getting back in shape and feeling sexy is achievable. The fitness entrepreneur partakes in competitions and is a strong advocate that lifting heavy does not take from a women’s femininity. Check her out yourself, here!

Salma Ghazzawi

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Happy Sundayy! ☀️ #GoodMorning #NewWeekLetsGo

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Get your strong on with coach Salma! She offers programs at the Befit gym, and if you’re not inspired yet, check her 285lbs deadlifts! Check out her Instagram and programs here.


Queen of body and life transformations, sharing beginner-friendly tips, busting myths, and sharing effective routines. Her client’s before and after’s will give you the adrenaline kick you need, I mean, here’s her Instagram.

WE SAID THIS: Fitness can be intimidating but grab a dumbbell on your next gym visit!