The Ultimate Watchlist: A Round-Up Of Arab Shows Airing Soon

Following Ramadan season, the phenomenon of shows dropping left and right has died down. But this past month there have been several announcements regarding shows set to air quite soon on streaming platforms.

Leh Laa 3

The third season of Leh Laa, written by Mariam Naoum’s workshop Sard has been known for the past two years for tackling issues not often talked about in particular to women. With the third season dropping soon, the show is set to star Nelly Kareem and follows her character as a single mother who has a tight bond with her teenage son.


The first of its kind, Sukkar is the first pan-Arab musical. In a Matilda-esque environment, Sukkar follows a host of young characters such as Yasmina El Abd as they sing their hearts out. The original musical is directed by Tamer El Mahdy.

The Serial Killer

Ahmed Fahmy takes on quite a new role with ‘The Serial Killer’ where he plays the role of a…serial killer based on the true story of the murderer of Giza. The show co-stars Rakeen Saad and many others. It’s written by television and film reviewer, Enjy Abou El Soud, marking her first writing production and is directed by Hady El Baghoury.

Rivo 2

Returning for a second season following its freshman success, Rivo starring Rakeen Saad and a host of new actors is coming back to share the story of the iconic band along. Similar to the first season, Rivo’s second season is written by Mohamed Nayer and directed by Yehia Ismail.

Rose & Layla

Youssra and Nelly Kareem are putting Sherlock Holmes out of business with ‘Rose & Layla.’ The iconic duo are coming together for this social comedy that revolves around them hacking cases in humorous situations.

Via El Cinema

Seeb Wana Aseeb

Light romance, ‘Seeb Wana Aseeb’ stars Ahmed El Sadaany and Hana El Zahed as a married couple. Though not much else is revealed about the plot, we know we’re excited to see these two in one production.

Though none of the aforementioned shows have a clear release date, we know that we’ll be on the edge of our seats waiting for them to drop on streaming platforms. Which show are you looking forward to the most?

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