All About Crestar & the Knight Stallion: The First Arab American Comic

Creators of Chaos Quill Comics, Abdallah Jasim and Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad are dropping this upcoming July ‘Crestar & the Knight Stallion’, a comic book that stars American Superheroes of Middle Eastern roots.

Debuting this past weekend at the MCM London Comic Con, the fresh comic book follows the story of a Detroit action-figure-obsessed psychopathic vigilante, and his newfound partner, an apparently unbeatable super-human named Ali.

Series creators Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad and Abdallah Jasim are developing the live-action and comic worlds and have said, “we put as much attention and detail into each panel of the comic as we have into designing the live-action part of the project… it’s very much a labor of love and we hope we’ve done our hometown heroes proud.”

The creators aspire to have the comic book be sold around the Middle East and has been seen as a great step for more Arab representation on an international level. This has been already witnessed with the likes of May Calamy playing the first Arab female superhero for Marvel.

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