The UAE Poses A Fishing & Trading Ban On Sharks And Rays

Due to the breeding season, the UAE has announced a four-month seasonal ban on fishing for sharks and rays. The ban, facilitated by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MoCCAE), is an annual fishing and trade ban on sharks and rays that takes place from March 1 to June 30. MoCCAE issued a statement saying that “the resolution is part of the Ministry’s efforts to regulate commercial fishing and ensure the sustainability of fish stocks in UAE waters with the aim of enhancing the country’s food security.”

With this ban, the ministry also outlaws the import and re-export of shark fins in any form, with the exception of fins imported for scientific research. This ban covers all forms of shark fins, including fresh, frozen, dried, salted, smoked, canned, and frozen.

As reported by The National News, this rule came into effect in 2014, as it was seen as an effective tool for alleviating the pressure on sharks caused usually by overfishing and habitat degradation.

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