The Sounds of the Unknown: Beach House – Bloom


Calling their fourth album Bloom, fits quite well with this dynamic dream pop-duo from Baltimore, who have grown with each album they have released and blossomed into the mystical act they are today. 

The genre dream pop is labeled that way due to the slow atmospheric rhythms that are created by using hypnotizing composition and heavenly melody. You can see this throughout the whole album, starting with their first single “Myth” and ending with “On The Sea” which is one of my favorite tracks in the whole album. 

What’s good about this band is they haven’t changed much since their debut album. In an interview with Pitchfork, Alex Scally (one half of the duo) states that “it’s not the way we work; I hate it when bands change between records”. Beach House doesn’t stray far from the structure or touching hold of its predecessor.

Although Beach House is one of the most popular bands in the indie world, at the moment, their music still has the hushed air of an overheard secret which is rare. 

Listen to the new Beach House album, and fall into a world of ethereal musicality and lyrical genius.

Recommended tracks: Myth, Lazuli & On The Sea