The Pilots Who Let Mohamed Ramadan Into the Flight Deck Just Got Suspended!

Every person of the more than nine million who follow El Ostoora Mohamed Ramadan on his social media accounts are aware that he leads a luxurious lifestyle. He always posts pictures with supercars, exotic pets, and more. However, what recently captured the attention of the media is that he posted a video in a cockpit of a civilian flight on his way to Saudi Arabia.

The video garnered more than a million views on his Instagram in just one day, with thousands of comments and shares of people praising or criticizing the video. The video was featured on several international news outlets like CNN.

According to several sources, the pilot and co-pilot who let Mohamed Ramadan into the flight deck got suspended! The Ministry of Civil Aviation confirmed that the video is legitimate, which is not in accordance with the flight safety procedures. Since the events of 9/11, no one is allowed in the flight deck throughout the time of the flight.

Thus, the two pilots were suspended for breaking the rules. Moreover, the ministry also confirmed that the flight was not on the national airline, Egypt Air, but on another private company.

This is not the first time that the pilots’ team gets suspended for letting in a celebrity. According to Ahram Gate, other pilots were banned for letting in the Late Nour El Sherif and Raghda in the flight deck for pictures.

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