Dina El Sherbiny Gets Grief Over Outfit Choice in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia is celebrating the launch of The Riyadh Season festival, which will kick off on Oct. 17. Turki Al-Sheikh is the chairman of the General Entertainment Authority and head of the Riyadh Season and is known to be one of the closest people to Egyptian singer, Amr Diab.

The Hadaba, as well as many other celebrities, were spotted on Instagram flying all the way to Saudi Arabia to attend the event. Amr Diab received an honorary award from his dear friend Al-Sheikh. While everyone expected Diab to be the highlight of the event, it was his girlfriend and actress Dina El-Sherbiny who stole the spotlight.

While the starlet seemed to be extremely happy at the event, fans soon rushed to Twitter to express their anger regarding her short and single-arm dress.

Women are obliged to wear abayas in Saudi Arabia, and while many celebrities do not conform to the Saudi habit, most of them were covered up.

The backlash was intense, to say the least. However, soon Egyptian fans came to the rescue. Many called Saudi hypocrites as they dress the same way once they leave their country. Others explained that this is how Egyptian celebrities dress at parties, and since they started to throw big events they should accept it.

The starlet just can’t seem to get a break wherever she goes. We guess it’s the collateral damage of dating such a high profile celebrity. Either way, El-Sherbiny looked great and more importantly, happy.

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