Dina El-Sherbini Stuns Audience With Killer Performance and It’s Only Episode 3

Ever since Egyptian Actress, Dina El-Sherbini, has been romantically linked to Amr Diab, people seemed to forget what an incredible actress she is. Back in the Grande Hotel days, before all the relationship drama, social media glorified the rising star for her performances. Once the news came out and Amr chose her over millions, the actress has been subjected to unexplained bullying. While her role in Malika TV series in Ramadan 2018 was memorable, this year, Dina is back with a vengeance and it’s only episode three.

Zai El-Shams follows the story of a family trying to find their missing daughter, played by Riham Abdel Ghafour, while keeping her three abandoned children safe and prevent her ex-husband from taking custody. From the flashbacks, we realize that before Dina El-Sherbini’s sister goes missing, she got pregnant from her fiancé two weeks before the wedding. Dina obviously doesn’t react well after her sister’s confession and decides to confront her fiancé.

Watch the incredible heartwrenching scene below:

This is why we love Dina El-Sherbini. This kind of acting has nothing to do with her relationship. She has always been this talented. This is one of the most unique young starlets of Egypt and it’s time we start talking about her work, instead of arm candy. This kind of raw emotions and vulnerability is something we’re used to watching in any work by Director Kamla Abu Zikri. However, rumors are circulating in the media that the director has quit the show due to disagreements with the actress. Reportedly, Sameh Abdel Aziz took over and we genuinely hope it doesn’t affect the show’s momentum.

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