The Perfect Christmas Gift Guide For All Literature Enthusiasts

If you’re questioning what to buy for your writer friend for Christmas, you don’t need to anymore. Take your time decorating the Christmas tree, and prepping Christmas dinner, and don’t worry about what to buy. Scoop has got for you Christmas gift ideas that you can choose from for your author friend.

Book-scented candles

Cross my heart and hope to die that every writer has been caught in a library smelling a book. Get them the book-scented candles and they’d be grateful. While there are not a lot of places that can sell these types of candles in Egypt, Etsy offers the option of international shipping. We found one that costs just $8.97 which translates to EGP 221.11. The reviews for this one by so many people were “beautiful, smells amazing and great communication from the seller.”

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It’s true that all OG writers love hardcopies, but for the sake of efficiency, they could use a Kindle to read books anywhere. Kindle has a lot of pros like a large collection of books that you can access for free. It also has a built-in Oxford English Dictionary which is really useful and also increases vocabulary. Finally, one of the great features of Kindle is that people can’t tell what you’re reading. There are just some books that you want to keep to yourself that make you feel uncomfortable in public. With a Kindle, you don’t need to worry about getting weird looks while reading in public.

Moleskine notebook

It’s such a waste when great ideas are forgotten just cause your litterateur didn’t have a piece of paper nearby. Get them the chic Moleskine notebook to scribble down their ideas. With just EGP 282.9, you can get your friend a Moleskine notebook from Amazon with so many color options. Easy to use and superb high quality, this Moleskine notebook is the perfect gift for someone who loves to put down their thoughts on paper.

Fingerless gloves

It’s hard to write with frozen knuckles. Fingerless gloves are going to help your penman a great deal. Your friend would be thankful every time they write down a sentence in the blazing cold. You can buy fingerless gloves from Marketchino for just EGP 95. Bear in mind that you need to preorder them first before purchasing them from the stores. They have three branches in Alexandria, Cairo (Nasr City – Mohamed Hassanein Heikal street, Maadi -Road 9, Heliopolis – El Marghany St).


This is kind of an old-fashioned tool but it’s definitely a classic. It’s been owned by all the founding fathers of literature. Typewriters work as a decoration and symbol of the craft. It’s an epic gift even if it never comes off the shelf. Let me tell you that there’s something about the commitment to punching each key, and they are actually better for typing letters. You can get a typewriter from the 1940s royal era that’s made in New York City from Retrograde store that can be found in Zamalek for 5,000 EGP.

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On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King

That book has been praised by many writers for being informative. Give them this book, but don’t forget to emphasize that you aren’t telling them they suck at writing. This book is immensely helpful and illuminating to any aspiring writer; this special edition of Stephen King shares the experiences, habits, and convictions that have shaped him and his work. For just 355 EGP, you can get the book from Diwan bookstores which have a variety of branches. For more convenience, you can preorder it through their website and pick it up from the closest branch.


Every wordsmith has hundreds of books, and probably no place to store them! A small portable bookshelf is going to make them happy. Ikea offers bookshelves that start at 695 EGP and their sizes are pretty reasonable. They will provide you with a sense of organization for books of all shapes and sizes as well as provide space for other items like picture frames, decorations, or memorabilia objects you wish to show off to visitors.

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Noise-canceling headphones

Sitting in the same peaceful place can get boring. Noise-canceling headphones would enable your buddy to get a change of scenery and silence simultaneously. If you go on Noon website, you can find Bose headphones for 12950 EGP. For a cheaper option, you can go on Amazon.Eg and you’ll find Beats Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Noise Cancellation options for 6998 EGP.

With these gifts, you can surprise your author friend and make their day. What’s special about these options is that they can all be utilized to create a more comfortable environment for them to work and enjoy their passion for literature.

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