Scoop’s Christmas Gift Guide: 10 Unique Ideas for Your Techy Partner

It’s almost Christmas time and everyone around the world is getting ready! There’s a tree to buy and decorate, a Christmas dinner menu to prepare, but most importantly, gifts to buy. Choosing gifts for your loved ones can be hard, so if you need help, we are here for you. Here are 10 items you can choose a Christmas gift from for all tech lovers.

Wireless Folding Keyboard

This wireless keyboard can be used on mobile phones, tablets, or even laptops; it is a portable item that is a tech geek’s best friend.

Bluetooth Speakers

Your gadget head of a friend is going to love this Christmas gift. Because of you, they can blast some beats in the comfort of their chairs.

Wireless Phone Charger

Forget about tangled wires and committing to one corner of the bed to recharge the phone. Your tech freak of a friend would be grateful if you bought them these.


For all technophiles, a USB hub is essential. They can plug in any USB device to recharge a phone, use an external hard, or even turn on a lamp!

Via Ibay.

Touchscreen Gloves

Actually, anyone now would love those gloves; everyone has a touchscreen phone and everyone gets cold.

Via Spy.

Laptop Cooling Pad

Aside from supporting your laptop, this electronic fan will definitely help cool down your laptop.

External Portable Hard Drive

These come in handy to keep your valuable files and data at your hand’s reach. It’s a must-have for all computer nerds.

Wi-Fi Range Extender

What does a gadgeteer love more than accessible wifi in every corner of their home? NOTHING.

Wireless Printer

For work efficiency, or even for fun, a wireless printer is needed. A mess of cables is so yesterday.


Almost everyone has forgotten about their earphones at least once, and you know the kind of accidents that can lead to. Earbuds are the answer.

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