The Most Extravagant Items Left Behind in a Middle East Taxi


Taxi passengers sometimes leave behind belongings of all sorts, from gadgets and shopping bags to cases full of cash and even jewellery. According to the 2013 annual global taxi survey conducted by, travelers admitted to have left behind the most obscure of items, some of which include a Rubik’s cube left in an Italian taxi, dentures left in a taxi in Germany, a wig and a bird in a cage that was left in a U.S. cab, a trombone in a Finnish taxi and a prosthetic leg left in an Australian cab!

While we hope you do not end up leaving behind precious items, Easy Taxi, the global taxi e-hailing app, explored some of the most extravagant items left behind in taxis in the Gulf region:


Dhs 1.2 million in diamonds and cash


Abdul Halim Manu, a Bangladeshi driver, returned Dhs 1.2 million in diamonds and cash to its rightful owner after it had been left in his taxi. It was reported that Dhs 200,000 in cash as well as diamonds and watches worth Dhs 1 million had been left in the boot of Mr. Manu’s taxi by a businessman he had picked up earlier that day.


123,700 Saudi riyals and gold jewellery


Omar Khan, a Pakistani national, found 123,700 Saudi riyals and gold jewellery in his car. One afternoon, at the end of his shift and while cleaning his car, he noticed a case tucked behind the driver’s seat. When he checked to see what was inside, he found 123,700 Saudi Riyals and gold jewellery. He handed over the case to authorities.


Dhs 36,000 in cash


Shaaban Ali, a Pakistani cab driver was hailed by a Saudi Arabian passenger. After leaving him at his destination, Ali took a few more passengers before noticing a bag that was left behind in his car. After unsuccessful attempts to try to find the passenger, he delivered the bag to his office. The case had Dhs 36,000 in cash, a passport and documents. The passenger managed to contact the taxi office and retrieved his lost items.


A laptop bag and 106,500 Nigerian Naira (SR 2,480)


Sajjad Arif, another Pakistani driver, returned valuables left behind by a Nigerian businessman. The items included a laptop, 106,500 Nigerian Naira, a passport, a Blackberry, cheque books and a watch.


Fortunately for all those passengers, they rode with honest taxi drivers. Through the Easy Taxi App, passengers can track their taxis and have access to driver’s contact details, and therefore, the ability to retrieve any items left behind, be it a mobile phone or a case full of money.


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