Tarek Reviews: Check Out this New YouTube Series for Some Well Deserved Laughs!

Via Axeer

We spend our time, energy, and mobile data bundles in search for cool content to entertain us. Unfortunately, quality content that will provide you with some laughs and beneficial to some extent is super rare on the interwebz! However, your favorite Scoopies are always up to the challenge; searching for cool content to highlight and feature on our website, and make your endless browsing less boring.

This weekend witnessed the release of the first episode of a super fun new YouTube series called Tarek Reviews! The idea of the series is pretty simple, Muhammad Tarek, one of Axeer’s creative team, reviews some of the most hyped movies, series, and video games. Moreover, Tarek is one of the writers behind one of the most successful YouTube series’ in the Arab World, El Da7ee7, which makes his new series even more promising.

In his first episode, Tarek reviews the popular Hollywood movie, Venom, by the Fan-favourite Tom Hardy! The first episode is fun, light, and does a comprehensive review that you definitely should check out before seeing the movie. Looking forward to seeing the episode where Tarek reviews the new Spiderman video game to help me decide whether I should buy it or not.

WE SAID THIS: If you’ve already checked out the new series, let us know what you think in the comments’ section.