Swoon-Worthy Actors Making A Mark This Ramadan Season

As we’re almost two weeks into the holy month of Ramadan, we’ve had the opportunity to watch our fair share of shows that range from drama to comedy. With that, we’ve seen many shows featuring unforgettable scenes, witty one-liners and amazing acting. So we’ve decided to highlight the male actors that have been dominating our screens thus far giving us swoon-worthy vibes.

Sherif Salama (Kamel El Adad)

Following last year’s character on ‘Faten Amal Harby’ where he played a terrible husband that everyone collectively hated, Sherif Salama returns this year with ‘Kamel El Adad’ a bright family show co-starring Dina El Sherbiny. In his role, Ahmed is a widower with kids and remarries, giving us a glimpse into a unique but wholesome family dynamic. Where with every hurdle, Ahmed doesn’t bow out and only gets more dedicated to the marriage and kids.

Mohamed Shahin (El Harsha El Sabaa)

In the relationship drama ‘El Harsha El Sabaa’ or ‘The Seven Year Itch’ tackling the ebbs and flows of marriage, the character of Mohamed Shahin, Adam has been the talk of Ramadan. Not only for his dramatic acting chops that showcase a versatile actor; remember this is the same actor who was in “Family Matter” and “Al Kabeer.” Through incredible chemistry with his on-screen wife, Amina Khalil, Shahin is proving himself in a different light.

Mohamed Mamdouh (Rasheed)

Mohamed Mamdouh is shining this season on ‘Rasheed’ alongside Reham Abdel Ghaffour. Giving us all the feels during one plot line when he’s looking forward to marrying Abdel Ghaffour’s character or the other plot line when he’s searching for his son and the people who wronged him and put him in jail. Mamdouh goes through the difficult stages effortlessly, making us believe that he’s truly lived them all while taking care of the ones around him. Putting his needs last.

Aly Kassem (El Harsha El Sabaa)

Another cast member of ‘El Harsha El Sabaa’ and that’s no surprise. The character of Aly Kassem, Sherief caught our eye not only for his open-mindedness but his masterful scenes. Whether it’s breaking down crying or going through the various stages that his character does, Kassem has truly excelled in this role. Especially if you recall his last role in Mariam Naoum’s world in ‘Khaly Balak Men Zizi’, he played a polar opposite character of a snobbish, uptight, and close-minded professor.

Amr Gamal (Kamel El Adad)

Rising Star, Amr Galal has been making an impression this season with his role, Khaled in ‘Kamel El Adad.’ Gamal has been giving us a lesson on playing hard to get after the girl he was in love with didn’t give him a care in the world. Though he gave us a lesson or two on ghosting, after his heart was broken, viewers wanted to mend his broken heart. Gamal definitely played the role expertly and he’s one to watch this season.

Who is your favorite character this Ramadan?

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