Strategies That Can Help an Individual Climb Out of These 5 Financial Holes

Financial ruin can lead people to become immensely stressed as money governs numerous decisions in life. Climbing out of a financial hole is going to be tough but it is more than possible. Taking time daily to save or make extra money might only reduce the debt by a few dollars a day but it is progress. The worst thing that a person can do in a financial hole is do something drastic like take out a high-interest loan. Predatory loans are far more common than many people think so avoid this like the plague. The following are tips and strategies to allow a person to dig themselves out of these 5 financial holes. 

Loss of a Job

Losing a job can lead to debt quickly for those that do not have a nest egg saved up in case of an emergency. The emergency fund can easily be built through saving monthly or by finding a form of supplemental income. Starting a freelance career can prove profitable and provide income if you lose a steady job. The one aspect to keep in mind is that you need to put money away for annual taxes. You want to pay off your debt but the last government body you want to owe money to is the IRS. Minimize costs after a loss of a job in order to stretch your funds until you find another full-time job. Learning new skills while employed can make it easy to find another job as long as the skills have a high demand. 

Credit Card Debt Continues to Pile Up

Credit card debt piling up is going to require a modified spending plan until the debt is eliminated. The best portion of the budget to work on first is that of lowering fixed prices. Eliminating cable in lieu of a Netflix account can save a family money without impacting the quality of entertainment. Picking a cell phone company that allows for low payments without long-term commitments is also recommended. Smaller companies share satellites/towers with larger companies. This allows the small company to have the same network at a communications juggernaut. Consolidating credit card debt can be done by finance experts in order to make debt payments less complicated. 

Unexpected Expensive Repairs on Your Only Source of Transportation

The car that you rely on breaking down or being involved in a serious accident can spell disaster. You might need to take an Uber/taxi or rent a car during this time. If you are injured in the accident this could also prevent you from working leading to lost wages. Finding the right personal injury expert can make all of the difference when filing a lawsuit due to a car accident. According to The Barnes Firm, the legal team’s investigation matters. This investigation will build a strong case for you and your family by gathering evidence such as driving records, eye-witness statements, media reports, photos or video, and a complete analysis of the road conditions and potential infrastructure problems, which may have contributed to the car accident.

Potential to Lose Large Amounts on the Stock Market

A person that is over 50 needs to consider all of their investments if many are in the risky category. As you approach retirement age investments should be moved into more conservative options. A huge loss could delay retirement for years for someone over 50 while it might not be a blip on the radar for someone that is in their 30’s. Take a look at stocks that have gained value every year for the past decade or two. These are considered dividend stocks with a perfect example being that of Walmart. Bonds and mutual funds allow for more conservative investing and can require far less cash to invest in. 

Lack of Health and Life Insurance

Lack of health insurance can lead to enormous medical bills in case of an emergency. Nobody plans for an emergency so purchasing health insurance is more than wise. With the medical bills in the US being far higher than in other countries, failing to get health insurance can put you in financial despair for years. Coverages do differ so find the one with the lowest payment that also delivers with a small deductible. For those that have jobs that offer health insurance benefits, you need to take advantage.

Life insurance can lead the family that you leave behind in a financial disaster they might not be able to remedy. Think of life insurance as a monthly investment in making sure your family is taken care of. Most premiums are reasonable if you are in good health and are of a reasonable young age. Some companies provide life insurance for an employee but it is not common in many job roles. 

The financial holes or impending disasters mentioned above need to be managed with patience and discipline. Take the time daily to read up on healthy personal finance habits as it can make a difference. With the ease of access to information, the internet offers there is no reason you shouldn’t be financially literate. 

WE SAID THIS: The important thing is not to panic. There is a solution to every problem.