4 Ways to Cooperate With Your DUI Lawyer

Ending the evening in the hands of the police was not in the plan. Even so, you’re now facing charges of driving while under the influence. What you need now is help from a lawyer who can represent you and work for the best possible outcome. After securing the Toronto DUI help that you need, there are things you can do to help the case. Here are four ways that anyone can work closely with their legal counsels and improve the odds of beating the charges. 

Now Isn’t the Time to Withhold Information

At the very time that people need to be sharing everything that comes to mind with their lawyers, they choose to withhold certain facts or events. Why? The answer usually has to do with protecting someone else or omitting information that would be personally embarrassing. This is not something you want to do when it comes to your lawyer. 

The focus right now is understanding exactly what took place and what those actions mean in terms of the case. In order to do that, your lawyer has to know everything with any sort of connection to the chain of events. Rest assured the lawyer is not interested in making moral judgments about what you were doing and who you were with. All that matters is having a clear picture of what was going on before, during, and after the authorities approached you. 

Answer All Questions As Fully as Possible

As you relate everything that comes to mind, rest assured that your legal counsel is listening. There will be instances in which the lawyer will stop you and ask a question. This helps to fill in any gaps in what you’ve shared and increases the lawyer’s grasp of what took place. 

Don’t be surprised if the lawyer’s questions prompt you to remember something that escaped your notice. It may be some minor detail that didn’t fully register with you at the time. This is actually a good thing, since those little details that seemed to mean nothing before could end up being key to your defense. 

Listen to What the Lawyer Tells You to Do Prior to the Court Date

Your lawyer is not there to tell you everything will be all right. Instead, the focus is on helping you understand the gravity of the situation. That includes what sort of decisions the court could make in relation to what happens if a conviction occurs. Being aware of the possible outcomes makes it all the easier to prepare for what might happen. 

That information, along with any suggestions about where you can do and who you can be seen with, will help you have a better idea of ho to conduct yourself between now and the date you appear in court. The goal is to avoid any situation that could reflect badly on you and complicate the case. 

Let the Lawyer Lead During the Court Session

Your lawyer is the one with experience in the courtroom. For that reason dedicate yourself to following the lawyer’s lead throughout the proceedings. This will also make it easier to avoid unnecessary complications and make a better impression on the court. 

Remember that the lawyer is on your side. If at all possible, the lawyer will find a legal way to get the DUI charges dropped and allow you to move forward. Participate in your case by supporting the lawyer’s efforts and the potential for this to happen  will be much higher. 

WE SAID THIS: Stay safe!