4 Facts You Should Know Before Getting Dental Implants

Now that you need to consider alternatives to natural teeth, what will you do? One of the options that your dentist recommends is an option for Vaughan dental implants as the right replacement. Before you make a decision, consider these four facts and how they will affect you in the future. 

There’s More Than One Kind of Dental Implants

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You do have choices with dental implants. One solution is to opt for individual implants that fit directly into the sockets recently vacated by your teeth. In terms of providing integrity to your face, this is a great solution. You’ll be happy to know that the caps placed over each implant are custom designed to resemble perfectly formed teeth. While this solution will take longer, many patients find the wait is worth it. 

A second solution is known as Four on One implants. Instead of individual implants, you have four embedded in the upper and lower gums. Plates shaped to resemble rows of teeth are attached to each set of implants. Generally, the implants can be put in place in a single day. You also get a temporary set of plates to wear while your custom plates are being prepared. This solution is easily the fastest and works quite well for many patients. 

Daily Care is a Lot Like Basic Dental Hygiene

With any type of dental implants, you’ll find that the daily dental hygiene routine is much like the days when you had real teeth. You still need to brush after each meal. Feel free to use mouthwash whenever you like. If you opt for individual implants, there’s even floss that’s designed specifically for use with this type of option. 

Your dentist can provide suggestions for the type of toothbrush to use as well as the best options for mouthwash, toothpaste, and floss. Put those to good use and you should be happy with the results every time. 

So is Ongoing Dental Care

Getting dental implants doesn’t mean you never have to see the dentist again. In fact, the routine will be much like the one you followed before. Annual exams are still important since they provide the chance to check the implants and the condition of the caps. 

You still want to have the implants cleaned at least once a year, much like you used to have a dental expert clean your teeth once or twice a year. This helps to get rid of any residue left. During these sessions, you can also be checked for signs of oral cancer. 

Implants Last Much Longer Than a Set of Dentures

It’s no secret that implants are more expensive than dentures. What you may not know is that a set of implants lasts considerably longer than a set of dentures. If you’re lucky, you can get seven to ten years of use from dentures. By contrast, you may never need to replace the implants. When you consider the fact that you may need three or four sets of dentures as the year’s pass, the cost of the implants suddenly becomes much more practical. 

If you have any questions about dental implants, discuss them with your dentist before the procedure date. This will help you decide if this is the solution you want, or if you want to try dentures first.

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