Coca-Cola’s CSR Initiative To Provide 5,000 Jobs For Egyptians In Need

Coca-Cola (TCCC), the multi-national beverage giant, is making yet another refreshing difference in the world! Coca-Cola operates in more than 200 countries, with more than 700,000 employees. A new year is just the right time for TCCC to bring economic opportunities to Egypt’s local community.

Moataz Abdel Rahman, the General Manager at The Coca-Cola Company said, “We hope to draw a smile on people’s faces in 2022, after a difficult time during the pandemic’s lagging repercussions, by helping create job opportunities and sustainable livelihoods for people from a range of backgrounds.”

The company’s slogan, “Refresh The World, Make a Difference” is guiding it to make a social, economic, and environmental impact this year. Through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives in 2022, Coca-Cola cooperates with the presidential initiative “Haya Karima” and Misr El Kheir Foundation to create opportunities for the youth of Egypt.

Coca-Cola’s CSR initiatives in 2022 aim to create 5,000 jobs for young people, women and other groups in Upper Egypt and the Delta. However, that’s not all they are doing, as Coca-Cola has been working on securing water access and leading packaging initiatives such as World Without Waste!

These Coca-Cola 2022 initiatives aren’t just about providing job vacancies. They also include the “Daragtak, Dakhlak” initiative, meaning “your bicycle, your income”; it provides bicycles to young people to work in delivery services. TCCC is also going to provide motorcycles to be utilized for work, as well as Coca-Cola fridges for businesses. There’s also the “Tadamon” initiative, to finance small businesses, kiosks and aids in providing sustainable income for women and individuals experiencing poverty.

Moataz Abdel Rahman also said, “Our legacy has always been a consistent commitment to CSR, effective sustainable development, environmental protection and social responsibility standards through recycling, water stewardship and youth and women empowerment initiatives.”

In 2022, Coca-Cola acknowledges the young and female family providers. Praising them for their strengths, Coca-Cola reminds them that it’s got their backs.

WE SAID THIS: Coca-Cola is setting an example for other companies to follow suit!